About Us

A Multi-Cultural Community Making Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Story

The Bridge Worship is embodies the idea of a bridge. It is both a new faith community working to reach new people and it is an evening worship service at Asbury UMC. In other words, we are a contemporary styled worship service at a Church with historical roots. Our goal is to reach new people in Washington DC to make Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

A Diverse Community Gathering for the Word, Wheat and Wine.

Our Mission

Building Bridges Between God and People, and People & People.

History of Asbury UMC

The Bridge is an outreach ministry of Asbury United Methodist Church, a historic African American Church downtown Washington DC. With a history being a part of the Under Ground Railroad and the Civil Rights Movement, Asbury UMC looks to disciple a new generation of believers who feel led by Christ to transform the world. Learn more about Our History Here.

In the context of a gentrifying neighborhood the predominantly African American Church is compelled to reach out to its new neighbors and of all ethnic backgrounds. All are invited to join for the morning services at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM in our Sanctuary or for Unity Sunday at 10:00 AM on the first Sunday of every month.

Asbury UMC is unique in its mission to reach new people in its gentrifying neighborhood. The story has been featured in numerous news outlets. The Afro.  NBC. 

Asbury UMC

Famous, Historic, African American Church. Downtown Washington DC. Walking by on sidewalk.

Values & Beliefs

You can learn more about our Church’s beliefs on the website of Asbury UMC.

 What We Believe.

Our Denomination

We are a part of a global family of Christians.


The United Methodist Church

The Bridge Lead Team

Preaching and a pastor. Casual. Word of God.

Matthew Wilke

Pastor for The Bridge Worship

Matthew is a Candidate for Ordination as an Elder in the United Methodist Church from Kansas in the Great Plains Conference. He attended North Central College, a United Methodist school in Illinois—just outside Chicago. He majored in Sociology with minors in Leadership and Music. Matthew graduated with Honors after studying abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. He completed a Thesis on Christian Peace efforts in the West Bank. In 2018, Matthew Wesley Theological Seminary and was given an award in Urban Ministry. Matthew will also marry his now fiancé, Jennifer King, in November 2018 at Asbury UMC.

Reginald Golden

Worship Leader for The Bridge

Min. Golden is 2013 graduate of Howard University in Jazz Studies and will graduate from Howard University with a Master of Music Education degree this year. Reginald is also a Pastor’s kid from Ohio and is a public school teacher at Payne Elementary School in Washington, DC. He loves leading worship and is building a new worship band for The Bridge.

You can also view him leading worship at The White House for President Obama Here!

Join Us for Worship

 Every Sunday at 5:00pm